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The making of Meera & Mara  Ringalina (part one)

The making of Meera & Mara Ringalina (part one)

Today I set out to make 2 dolls at the same time. The only time I do this is when I want to make either siblings or best friends. I will only work the basic head at the same time and than focus on one doll till her body is finished. So here are the two beauties, just waiting for their personalities. 
As you can see in the next picture, even though I created them at the same time the heads turned out slightly different in size. This happens just like with children, they don't all turn out the same, and that is just fine ;) Can you imagine if everyone looked the same? 
You may ask, than why even bother to make them at the same time? I know this might sound funny to you, but I believe they are connected by my creating them together. 
Needle felting and sculpting the face the way I do with this doll is not what I do with every doll. I will base my decision on the age of the child the doll is meant for. Since this is not a custom ordered doll my options are wide open and I felt like making a more detailed doll. 
I hope to write more yesterday and update you all on the progress of these little darlings. Thanks for stopping by and reading about them!