Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Woolboro!

"Hands Create" is offering online courses to learn the process of creating wonderful Waldorf inspired toys.

Student Requirements: 

  • -a solid internet connection to watch video content and other course work.

  • -a desire to create an "inspried by" Ringalina doll or other WoolCreations product

  • -a camera (optional) if you would like to share your progress with other students

  • -materials listed in course work

    With "Ringalina Dolls" and "WoolCreations" your children and their children can experience the wonderful feeling and warmth the products made by me. I pour my heart, imagination, skill and time into every creation. They all are one-of-a-kind and hand-made. Everything I create comes with its own personality and is inspired by what I experience in life. Wholesome, magical and unique! 

      By entering this store or by using Woolboro's website and its products, you accepting our terms and conditions.



      Woolboro' toys and dolls are not necessarily appropriate for all ages, please use good judgment when choosing the appropriate toy for your child. My Waldorf dolls are made of 100% wool or wool and 100% cotton skin. Doll Clothing may have buttons, which could be a choking hazard. Other toys are usually made of wool/cotton, little fibers may come off. For all items on our site, we recommend a minimum age of 4 years and that children do not put these toys in their mouths.

      All WoolCreations are created in a NON-Smoking environment. I do have dogs and a cat, but they do not get to play in my studio.