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About me

my husband supports me in everything I do

Hi, my name is Annette Ringeisen. I am a wife, a mother of three, a grandmother of six, a maker of fiber art, and the owner of Cloth & Twine.

My family is everything to me. 



I love the composition and transience in nature, so I let her inspire me and use the things that are natural and organic in my creations. I design and hand-make usable art mostly out of wool fibers, but any natural material will do. I like to incorporate silk, leather, beads, and even wood into my creations, but wool is always the main "ingredient."

inspired by nature

I let my inner child help my adult self to create things that are whimsical and playful in color. I make, not all, but most of my products with children in mind. My children were the reason for starting the journey of making wholesome toys and clothes that quickly brought me to fall in love with wool, and its possibilities. In a world full of plastic and disposables, I create heirloom pieces that are kept in the family and are loved for decades and hopefully even centuries but also feed our earth when they are no longer.

Very often, the idea of a new creation will come to me in a dream.
I work through the whole making of something while I sleep, working through problems and challenges, and forging a path. So when I finally get started, I already know most of what to do. Some people work through this with a sketch- or notebook; I do it while I sleep. I talked to my father about this (he was an artist), and he said he did the same when he got ready to paint one of his paintings or shape one of his wooden sculptures.

Pursue your dreams!