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Getting ready to dance around the maypole

Getting ready to dance around the maypole

Dancing around the maypole, a tall wooden pole decorated with colorful ribbons, is part of many European folk festivals. Depending on the region this dance may occur on May Day, Whitsun, and even on midsummer solstice. Like I said before, the pole is decorated beautifully with colorful ribbons and greenery. Boys and girl often wear white clothing and a flower wreath on their head. A picnic is packed and shared amongst family and friends. It is a beautiful day for everyone that participates. I remember many maypole dances in my children's school and loved watching each grade perform their unique dance. With each rising grade the dance becoming more difficult in turns and twists, leaving ribbons in beautiful patterns braided around the pole. 

To celebrate this day and the month of May (my birthday month, and favorite) I am creating a few May related items.

The first is this May Pole Dance Doll Dress, will soon be available in the store.