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The making of Meera & Mara  Ringalina (part two)

The making of Meera & Mara Ringalina (part two)

Here is Meera's face. I think she turned out pretty cute. What do you think? When I had her at this point I knew that I don't have the right hair in stock, so I spend some time in searching for dark brown/black hair. I found some beautiful alpaca but also ordered some yak. You wouldn't believe how beautiful yak fiber is. I only have a little of it left, even in the right color and I will show it to her while waiting for her hair to arrive.

As promised, here is a nice picture of Meera with yak hair. I had to show her wearing a hat because I just don't have enough of it to cover the whole head. Meera loves this hair!

Sewing and stuffing the body is next on the list to do. I chose a pretty cotton skin fabric for Meera. 

Waiting for me is Mara, so I will be spending some time with Mara, while Meera keeps me company. 

See you later!