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How to beautify toys for a grand return on Christmas

How to beautify toys for a grand return on Christmas

I just healed another doll and she is ready to go back to her mom on Christmas. I am always reminded of the fact that the things we give to our children don't have to be fancy and new, more often than not they need us to care about the things they already have.

Note: I did not originally make this doll, so I wasn't sure if I could fix her easily (you never know how other doll makers create their dolls). As you can see in the pictures, I only replaced the skin fabric on the head and embroidered new eyes, mouth, hair, and heart. The hair was most different from what I am used to, but it worked out. 

Christmas is approaching quickly! Today is December 10th!

As I sit here writing this blog post I remember my own childhood and that of my children. Just the other day I was talking to one of my daughters about Christmas, traditions, and gift giving and her struggles to keep everything in a healthy balance. As we all know gift giving can quickly take on a mind of its own, especially during the Christmas season when everyone is showered in gifts. Grandparents, parents, friends, and family shower children with colorfully wrapped packages.

As a child, my sisters, my brother and I would sit down and write our Wunschzettel (wishlist), which was picked up on Saint Nickolaus Day (December 6th). We wrote down ALL our wishes and decorated the letter beautifully, but my parents always reminded us to only put things on this list that we really, really wanted and to make sure to identify one wish that we called our "Seeligkeitswunsch" (soul-wish/heart-wish). Thinking back to this tradition, which my husband and I carried on with our own children, I am so thankful to my parents. We strive to identify what is important to us, to find out what is in our heart and soul. Sometimes it isn't easy to choose between 2 equally important wishes, but we have to and sometimes it was a surprise that there wasn't a particular wish that would take priority (and that is ok). It is ok to feel content!

Often the most magical memories I have as a child receiving, and as a parent giving, is loved toys disappearing (1st of Advent) and coming back "shiny and bright" on Christmas. I am not sure if it was the actual tender loving care the toys received or the "long" separation that made this so magical and special, but the memories still warm my heart.

  • A doll gets cleaned up, hair make-over and a new set of clothing

  • A dollhouse gets new wallpaper or paint. The dollhouse family had an addition, maybe a baby, dog or cat.

  • A wooden car gets a new shine or new tires

  • Building blocks get a new coat of wax or color

  • All stuffed animals get a good cleaning and check for wear and tear, maybe even some clothing

  • Sacks and bags can be sewn to keep toys (for legos and other small toys).

  • The "Kaufladen" (shop) got new bags, fruits, veggies, jams, crates, and barrels

  • The Post Office got new stamps, envelopes, packaging materials and other things you would find in the post office

  • The sewing box would be added to, fabric, thread, pins, needles or a kit of some sort

  • The toolbox would get additional tools, nails, screws, some wood or a kit

Today we (all of us) often forget to really search our heart and soul and truly find what is our Seeligkeitswunsch.