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The Nativity Project

The Nativity Project

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If you purchase the Nativity Project Course Bundle you qualify to buy these kits and save shipping. 

Note: Below see when the coursework becomes available. If you sign up for the bundle you will save some money and automatically have access to another course month after month. Kits can be purchased separately and will be sent out the month before the coursework becomes available. Please make sure you buy the kit in time to be ready for your course. You do not have to get the kit. In your coursework, you will have a material and tool list that leaves it up to you where to get them.

  1. January - Sheep - kit ships now
  2. February - Donkey - kit ships in January
  3. March - Ox - kit ships in February
  4. April - Camel   - kit ships in March
  5. May - Shepherd   - kit ships in April
  6. June - King I   - kit ships in May
  7. July_ King II   - kit ships in June
  8. August- King III   - kit ships in July
  9. September - Angel   - kit ships in August
  10. October - Joseph   - kit ships in September
  11. November - Mary   - kit ships in October
  12. December - Baby Jesus   - kit ships in November
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