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Ringalina Dolls

Custom Traditional Waldorf Doll - 14 inches

Custom Traditional Waldorf Doll - 14 inches

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skin color/material

Your custom ordered doll will be an exceptional addition to your family. Her/his little face will be embroidered with a set of beautiful eyes and rosy lips. As the doll is created, she/he will develop a temperament, that makes each doll one of a kind and unique in every way. She/he could be a mischievous little creature, or full of adventure and sprite, or head-strong and ready to help anyone who needs it, or timid and shy only to warm up to people she/he trusts. One never knows, but you would be surprised as to how well she/he will fit into your family. 

Her/his basic body style stuffed with carded wool batting will be soft but sturdy. It is a doll that can easily be handled by a young child.

Things to know and to take into consideration; choices are endless and once you have picked out your doll we will work out the details of hair and eye color:

  • allow 6 weeks for completion
  • approx. 14-16 inches tall
  • wool stuffing
  • wool or cotton skin fabric
  • embroidered eyes and lips, shades of green, blue, brown, rosy lips
  • beeswax blushed cheeks
  • embroidered or crochet/knit cap wool hair, brushed, short, medium, long hair
  • the basic body style of the traditional Waldorf Doll
  • dressed in undies, pants, shirt/dress, socks

I often work for parents and grandparents who send me a photo of the child that the doll will be made for with the hope that it will show similarities. I am always willing to embrace that wish and try my best.




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