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May Birthday Giveaway

May Birthday Giveaway

What a week, right?

First let me thank everyone who participated in this giveaway. Thank you for pinning, sharing, and commenting on the Woolboro Facebook page. It's been a a lot of fun. 

I cut out all entries, folded them properly, and threw them all into a vase (which now I know is too small for my hands, lol). I felt  a little like the monkey that had his hand in the cookie jar. 

Now let's see who is the winner! I apologize for the VVS (vertical video syndrome).

Note to the winner: Congratulations! I am so happy that one of my creations will find a home with you. Please feel free to browse the store and choose any of the in stock creations. Some of my dolls are for older children or collectors, so please be sure to consider this when choosing for a child. Thanks so much and again, Congratulations!