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 Tools and Materials needed

The List of Materials

Some of the tools and materials you may already have, but I have added links where you can purchase/find some of the supplies. Your local farmers market might be a great place to get locally grown wool batting. Local craft stores will carry sewing needles and thread for sure and might even have some of the other things. A google search for Waldorf Doll making supplies will open the doors to many vendors. If you can’t find something, in particular, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will gladly help with your search.

  • wool batting
  • approx..12 ounces for a 16 inch tall cuddle doll
  • matching (cotton velour) sewing thread
  • optional fabric ribbon or lace (if you want to decorate the doll in any way)
  • cotton embroidery thread in eye color and lip color of your choice
  • To embroidering doll hair you want to go no thicker than dk yarn. I like to go to the local yarn store and pick up something nice, often a semi-solid color to give the doll a natural look. Depending on the thickness of the yarn it can be crochet into a cap or embroidered directly onto the head) I like to buy the yarn once I have the skin fabric in hand, even take it to the yarn store to choose the right color. Try to look at the fabric and yarn in natural daylight. A small yarn store will let you step outside to see "the real" colors.
  • red beeswax crayon for cheeks

and here is the list of tools you will need:

  • fabric scissors
  • small scissors to cut the thread
  • ball point hand sewing needle, usually available in multiple size packages #3-#7, I use the thinnest one
  • 7 inches long hand sewing needles for dollmaking and
  • if you are planning to use a sewing machine, you will also need ball point needles for your machine
  • sewing machine walking foot
  • measuring tape
  • crochet hook or knitting needle
  • a hand sewing needle that is thick enough to thread the yarn for hair
  • if your hands tire easily you may also want to use a wooden dowel for stuffing, I use my thumb and fingers