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I refer to this doll as the traditional Waldorf doll because it is the type of doll that is created in Waldorf schools all over the world. I used to teach in our local Waldorf school, where students created dolls just like this. The doll has a body sewn out of the same “skin” fabric as the head. It has a human-like body, unlike the cuddle doll which is more like a pillow. The torso and legs are created out of the same piece of fabric and stuffed tight. This doll is wonderful for the child 18 months and up and allows dressing and undressing. Undressing is what most 2-year-olds do, but they can practice putting on clothes as they grow older.

The dolls hair, eyes and mouth are embroidered, so there is no risk to the child of swallowing small pieces. I prefer the embroidered head with regular wool yarn, but I have added a crochet wig tutorial in the lesson plan for you to watch and to choose the option best suits your needs.

Young toddlers that are ready to practice with clothing pieces can do so on their little doll. The facial expression of the traditional Waldorf doll is very simple and invites the child to pretend play. Children love to imitate the people around them, which help them to develop their language and social skills.

A sewing machine is optional! I like to sew my dolls by hand, but also use the sewing machine. I focus on teaching you all hand sewing stitches so you do not need a sewing machine. It may sound strange to you, but I find it very relaxing to sit in my comfy chair working on a doll, thinking of the child that is to receive it. That is the reason I have not ever worked in an assembly line doll making set up.

My customers often send me pictures or tell me stories of the child that I am to make the doll for, so it is easy for me to picture them as I am sewing along. No sewing machine noise in the background and no frustration when the sewing machine grows a mind of its own. Some areas have to be sewn by hand; they cannot be reached with a machine. On larger pieces a sewing machine can be of great use. So please don't fear to have to sew everything by hand. It's all about your preferences!

I have made tutorials of every hand sewing stitch you will have to know to complete this doll. There are short videos to watch and learn them.

Even though I have added a video on crocheting the wig for the doll you will need to have a basic understanding on how to crochet. If you do not know how to crochet I would recommend going online to find tutorials to teach you the skill, find someone that can help you with it, or to opt for the embroidered head.

Note: you may want to keep some yarn tugged away safely for later use in case you want to add more hair.

Traditional Doll Outfit Pattern

Traditional Doll Outfit Pattern

$ 7.50

This pattern collection includes instructions to create a pattern for a pair of underwear, pants, shirt/dress, footwear. 

Creating patterns to sew a basic doll outfit doesn't have to be difficult. Learn to create simple patterns to dress your traditional Waldorf doll.

The pieces should be loose fitting and easy to handle for a young child. Keep in mind those little hands are just getting started on fine motor skills. If you have trouble getting the right measurement, air on the side of caution and rather use a larger measurement over one that is too small. Also, do not forget to add a seam allowance when cutting your pattern out of fabric. 

Take doll measurements and get started!

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