Hair Choices

Embroider the hair

Crochet cap

Knit Teeswater wig

The Ringalina Doll – knit Teeswater Lock wig

This wig will be for the head of 13” in circumference

You will need mohair yarn and circular knitting needles.

Cast on 40 stitches - Pattern knit a row, purl a row

Adding individual locks into the knitting by laying the lock onto the yarn and knitting 2 stitches before adding the next lock. Let lock hang after 2 knit stitches. In the purl row, the locks get locked into the knit.

Repeat these 2 rows until the piece measures 2.5 inches

Next, knit 25 stitches, continue to add locks, knitting stitch 26 and 27 together, turn and purl 11 stitches. Purl stitch 12 and 13 together, turn.

Knit 11, (don’t forget to add locks) knit 2 together, turn

Purl 11, purl 2 together

Repeat this until you have the 12 remaining (middle) stitches on your needles. Cast off, knitting locks into the cast-off. This will make a nice, full edge with locks.

I consider the side we started off on (40 stitches) the front, but sometimes it looks nice to turn the wig around. Try out how you like it better!

Pin the wig to the head and start sewing around the edge with a small invisible stitch. With a back-stitch go in circles around the inner areas of the wig, so it is attached not just on the edge but all over the head..

Dress and Sweater pattern for Dolls 16

Dress and Sweater pattern for Dolls 16"-18"

$ 7.50

This is a knitting pattern for a doll dress or sweater. Best for dolls 16"-18", with a head circumference of  approx. 14 inches. You will receive a pdf after your purchase.

Materials: 70 g (depending on length) of 100% superwash merino wool yarn, needle size #5-7, 21-24 stitches, 28 rows = 4x4 inches

Abbreviations for stitches needed:

K - knit

P – purl

Yo – yarn over

SK2P – Slip stitch, knit 2 together. Pass slip stitch over (double decrease)

Kb – knitting through the back of the loop (stitch is slightly twisted)

Kf/b – knit front and back (increase) Making 2 stitches out of 1 M1R – make one right stitch

|| repeat || - repeat the section between double lines


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