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Doll Assembly

Remember when we embroidered the eyes and mouth? The mouth will guide us when we attach the arms. Before sewing the arms on, we bring the hands together and line them up with the lips. Re-pin the arms as often as you need to to have them alined correctly.

We will be using a great variety of stitches:
-the running/basting stitch
-the back-stitch
the whip-stitch
-the ladder/invisible stitch

Before I assemble the doll I will embroider a little heart on the dolls chest. There are different options, you can embroider, needle felt, or cut out a little fabric heart and sew it on.

Now that you have assembled the doll, it is time to finish the seams.

I know I posted this before, but you may feel like refreshing the blush on the cheeks.