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Edenton inspired Tea Towels

Edenton inspired Tea Towels

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I can't promise that you will like doing the dishes anymore with this tea towel than before, but every time you look at it, you will think of the pretty place called Edenton.

On your visit, you might have taken the Edenton Trolley tour through the Historic downtown and seen places like the Roanoke River Lighthouse, the Barker House, the Iredell House, and so many other landmark buildings, pictured on the tea towel in your hands.

Not only does this tea towel remind you of Edenton, but also it's history. In particular, the Edenton's very own Tea Party, where 51 women, led by Penelope Barker, signed a statement of protest vowing to give up British tea and boycott other British products in response to the Tea Act, passed by the British Parliament in 1773. It was indeed a bold demonstration of patriotism from the ladies of Edenton.

About the design: We tried to capture Edenton and its surrounding areas in the design. We included not only historical buildings but also things worth seeing or doing here and plants that grow around here. The magnolia tree, dogwood tree, and cotton are just a view on the ever-growing list. We are planning to add more designs to this collection because there is an abundance of inspiration.

Of course, the tea towel is made of 55% linen, 45% cotton, and should be cared for as follows: Wash on a delicate machine cycle at 30 °C / 85F. Delicate tumble cycle on low heat. Iron on a medium heat using steam, ironing print side down for best results. Do not bleach. Do not wring. Shrinkage estimate 4-5%.

Size: 18 inches by 27 inches

The design of all Edenton inspired fabrics are created by my daughter. She is always willing and able to draw up my ideas and bring them to life. (She also illustrated my book "The Bee's Knees and the little hen".  )

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