A dream come true

The past two years have been a whirlwind of changes, delays, opportunities missed, and taken, it is hard to remember the order of events and details of them all. I am not one to write blog posts on a regular basis (even though in my heart it is a wish to do so), this is the first in at least 2 years and long overdue.

My last blog post was around Thanksgiving of 2018 and today is July 5th of 2020. Let me fill you in!

We drove from Gilroy, CA through the US in about one week and drove into Edenton, NC on December 19th, 2018. We just made a quick stop because we were to meet our children for Christmas and New Year at the Outer Banks.

We hadn't seen our children and grandchildren in over a year and the anticipation or "Vorfreude" as we say in German was beyond measure. We all spend an amazing time together and found out that we were expecting another grandbaby in August. Noa is turning one year next month. Wow, how time flies....

The beach is pretty much yours in December at the OBX.

Combing the beach for treasures

Decorating cookies, what a mess, lol.

... and trying to slide down Jockey's Ridge, which did not work, but fun nonetheless.

When we got back Edenton at the beginning of January, we spend a couple of days on the Rockyhock Campground, because our RV was our home till we found something better. We had bought a commercial building in November, but it was rented out to the candy store and the second floor needed a renovation. I mean tear-it-down-to-the-ceiling-of-the-first-floor renovation! After staying in the RV for not even a week with our 2 dogs we were ready to rent a small something while searching for a home to buy. We figured we'd need a month or so before we would find something and fortunately there is a place that is called "extended stay" where we would only be locked in for 3 months. It turns out that we could have rented for a whole year, because, well, read on...

Which we started in February

and finished in July. Edenton Construction Company did a fantastic job!

Now this apartment can be rented on AirBnB

Simultaneously we finally found a house in March, but it also needed a lot of work. The home was build in 1949 and hadn't seen any updates in decades. I will say the house and fence building Kim and I did was hard work, but very rewarding at the end (wait, there is no end... we still have work to do, lol). I look around the house and love what we did. 






We had to hurry up with our house renovation because our children decided they wanted to visit for Halloween in Edenton. We had everything ready, we had a sink and refrigerator in the kitchen and a functional toilet in the bathroom, that's all you need right? One daughter +4 drove up from Florida with their RV, the other daughter +3 slept in our RV, her children got to sleep in the house with Kim and me. Our son wasn't able to come, but I am sure we would have found a corner for him as well. We had fun being together and going trick or treating in downtown Edenton. We also enjoyed a Saturday at Vinyl Night, which Kim and I have enjoyed throughout the year. It's always good to sing along and see friends.

The rest of 2019 went by in a blur, Thanksgiving at the Coffee House with friends, Christmas at our house was a little "housewarming" with friends. Between festivities there is work, and weekends (and often work on weekends as well).

There is still plenty left to do, but we live in it now and so do the dogs, and did I mention, we adopted two cats (George & Eleanor). One big happy family. The outside of the house needs painting, but well, you can only spend time once (just like money). Kim has worked tirelessly in the garden to grow vegetables and flowers for me. It looks beautiful and the house paint just has to wait!

In February we decided to rent a little studio space for me to work in because working at home with the cats is not something that worked well. Can you imagine the fun George and Eleanor were having with yarn balls and wool fiber? So the goal was to find something we could use for Kim's photography studio/office and my fiber art studio. We were lucky! 

On 110 E. King Street, I found a home for Cloth & Twine my fiber studio/shop, and Kim for Edenton Bay Photography. We will work side by side and go for lunch together. 

Oh, and then Covid19  rolled into the world... and delayed our opening and rearranged everyone's way of life. 

This is the short version of what happened in the past two years, and I am sure there is so much I missed that would be worth mentioning.

I would love to see you downtown in my shop where I teach classes, sell yarn, and create my art. Come see us! Wear a mask! Be safe!